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The advanced, yet simple data query/search/modify system.
Complex 'find and replace' made easy. NO regex (regular expression) or grep!

Welcome to the Next Gen  of search and replace software for Windows. The DataSurgeon is so versatile and powerful, it encompasses several categories. An innovative program - it's part 'find and replace', part 'data query', and part 'grep'... all coming together into one elegant, intuitive, and easy to use 'data manipulation' software.

Find the info you need using unique and simple patterns describing the general 'form'  of what you want... instead of literal text. It's then applied to your data files and pulls out the data that matches up - either pulling out the match alone, or the full data record the match was found in. Have The DataSurgeon scan the whole data record OR just in a specific field. You can then go one step further and freely modify all those found matches in practically any way you choose.

Your pattern can be as broad or as exact as you wish... depending on what you want to find - you have complete flexibility and freedom. If you've ever heard of regular expressions, it's comparable to the impressive power of that but SO much simpler.

If you work with databases, huge log files, or other large quantities of raw data, The DataSurgeon will be a veritable godsend to you - fly through UNLIMITED data sizes and UNLIMITED number of files at blistering speed. Easily do complex do-it-yourself searches and data manipulations/fixes that would normally require an expensive custom programmer to accomplish.

Save money, save time, and take control of your own data files without having to rely on anyone. With the extremely low price of The DataSurgeon, it is a MUST-HAVE for the small business owner working with large amounts of data.

Question mark icon     How does it work?

The DataSurgeon is very visual by design and there are NO baffling regex or grep commands or notations to learn. Things are kept simple - we use just 5 special characters to make up our pattern. A special character simply stands for something... like a number from 0-9, or a letter of the alphabet, etc. One special character always means one and ONLY one real character... unlike regex / grep where 1 or 2 characters can stand for many  real characters and can have very surprising or unexpected effects.

The DataSurgeon's 5 special characters are:

#   means a digit
=   means a letter
~   means a letter or a digit (ie. an alphanumeric)
!    means a character like @ - ^ # ? * etc. (ie. a NON-alphanumeric)
%   means ANY typeable character on your keyboard

That's all. We call these 5 special characters 'placeholders'. You tell The DataSurgeon what you want to find by just making a straightforward pattern using these 5 simple placeholders. Each of these placeholders can come in one of 3 different colors to indicate how it 'behaves':

Red  -  A required character
Blue  -  An optional character
Black  -  the 'literal' character itself (ie. the # = ~ ! % itself)

(If you require an exact  character to be in an exact  spot in your pattern, then no special placeholder capability is needed - just type that literal character right in. It will appear in black meaning it is a LITERAL).

And should you need to do some modifications to the matches you found, The DataSurgeon lets you freely and easily manipulate any of the character positions however you want:

  • REARRANGE any characters by simply highlighting them and dragging them to a new location.
  • ADD in new literal characters simply by punching them in anywhere you wish.
  • OMIT any character position by just clicking to the left of it and hitting the Down Arrow key.
  • REPLACE whatever value a placeholder has, with another value.

With The DataSurgeon, it's simple to define, manipulate and fix practically anything  you wish. Easy to understand and follow too, because The DataSurgeon shows you visually on-the-fly in real-time if your pattern is doing what you want.

So leave the head-scratching complicated stuff to the 'regular expression'  geeks and techies - this is an extremely powerful find and replace software for the rest of us. Save time and money by easily doing the job yourself with The DataSurgeon.

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